Pneumatic Measurement System

Bilz measuring device provides process control for honing tools with integrated air pressure measurement


Application: For honing tools with integrated air pressure measurement
Machine types: Special, turning and NC machines


  • The measured air is transmitted through the spindle interface by a self-sealing torque arm
  • Bilz measuring computer for process measurement


  • The PNEUMATIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEM FROM BILZ makes complex monitoring of processing unnecessary and enables unmanned shifts
  • Due to the sturdy design, it is suitable for use in a manufacturing environment
  • Pneumatic measuring is characterised by high accuracy and long-lasting stability
  • It is resistant to environmental influences and ensures excellent precision and repeatability of the measurement results.
  • Contact measurement with air prevents damage to the work piece and is wear-free
  • The measurement values (for example the diameter) are recorded during the process and enable a permanent comparison to the limit value
  • When the limit value is reached, there is an automatic message via interface at the control system
  • The work process is stopped via the NC-programme by M-commands
  • The PNEUMATIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEM FROM BILZ can be refitted as a retrofit project for existing machining centres
  • It can be integrated into the switch cabinet in projects for new machines

Air transmission

The measured air is transmitted from the spindle to the tool through a self sealing torque support and the corresponding shaft on the tool side. With proper adjustment, the air can be transmitted to the automatically exchanged tools without any leakage during several tool changes. Without machining, the tool can be used as a measurement gauge with 3D presentation of the cylinder. 


The software can be used flexibly – the effective dimension can be displayed with a bar or you can make individual measurements and compare them to each other.

The operating functions are clearly displayed via touch screen. The BPMS software can be either used as a manual display system or as measurement feedback which is largely integrated into the control system.

Pre – Process Measurement

  • Testing of the dimensional accuracy of the pre-process
  • Delivery of the measurement value via OK/NOK signal to the machine
  • Possible application: resetting of a pre-processing tool
  • The reset value is stored in the NC control system or can be delivered via 15 triggers from the measurement control system

In – Process Measurement

  • Measurement mode used in the honing process
  • In this mode, the communication with the NC control system is set up (activation via a selected M-command)
  • According to the stored commands, various functions can be selected and various graphic limit value definitions activated:
    • Honing shut-down threshold
    • Reduced pressure level for the honing tool or feed reduction
  • Scaling of the measurement bar in order to highlight different areas visually or to gain an overview of the processing

Post – Process Measurement

  • Final check of the dimensional accuracy by collecting manual individual values
  • Presentation as a diagram, in order to identify trends or special individual values