Quick change tapping chucks with integrated HFP

Intelligent tools


Application: Thread cutting, forming
Machine type: Transfer lines, multi-spindle heads and special machines

Proactive error identification

  • Core hole present
  • Thread depth reached
  • Core hole correctly sized
  • Torque correctly
  • All threads available

Description / Qualities

HFP – the safest method of wireless monitoring for multispindle tapping now even safer.

Together with the Bilz quick change chucks and adaptors the HFP system can securely monitor the right hand rotation as well as the left hand rotation. The high frequency transmitter integrated in the chuck reacts on the length compensation of the chuck which is pressed together while the safety clutch is engaging in the right hand direction and which is pulled out in the left hand direction.

The released signal is transmitted by the antenna to the HF-receiver and then used for stopping the machine. To secure a safe signal also under difficult conditions, for example while the tapping chuck is in the workpiece or in the device, the HF transmitter pulses the signal for 5 sec. The position of the chuck changes in this time while driving back in start position and the HF signal reaches the receiver securely.

The effective monitoring of the right hand rotation and the pulsing of the signal after initialising the tapping operation means that malfunctions are detected immediately. Scrap or expensive subsequent machining will be avoided with this system.