Pneumatic Measurement System

Bilz measuring device provides process control for honing tools with integrated air pressure measurement


Application: For honing tools with integrated air pressure measurement
Machine types: Special, turning and NC machines


  • The measured air is transmitted through the spindle interface by a self-sealing torque arm
  • Bilz measuring computer for process measurement

Why measurement with air?

  • Pneumatic measurement stands for high accuracy and permanent stability.
  • It is unsusceptible against environmental effects and ensures excellent accuracy and repeatability of the measurement results.
  • Tangent measuring with air avoids damages at the work piece.
  • Typical applications are the measuring of diameters, cones, holes, distances, eccentrics, etc.

Which are the advantages  of the pneumatic measurement technique?

  • Universally applicable
  • Robust, suitable for the use in production areas
  • Several measurement levels in small diameters
  • Wearless as contactless
  • Easy to handle
  • Selfcleaning in the measuring nozzles
  • Contactlessly measuring for sensitive surfaces
  • Low thermic sensitivity

Benefits of the Bilz pneumatic measurement system

  • The BILZ Pneumatic Measurement System supersedes extensive control of the work processes and allows unmanned shifts
  • Due to the robust design it is suitable for the use in production areas.
  • Pneumatic measurement stands for high accuracy and permanent stability.
  • It It is unsusceptible against environmental effects and ensures excellent accuracy and repeatability of the measurement results.
  • Tangent measuring with air avoids damages at the work piece and is wearless.
  • The diameter is one of the essential working features of this system.
  • The measured values (e. g. the diameter) are recorded during the process and allow a permanent comparison to the entered limits.
  • All important process values as e. g. the current measured value are provided in the NC-programme via fieldbus. Profibus-DP and profinet are supported.
  • Several measurement channels can be evaluated at the same time, e. g. at machines with several tool holders or measuring positions at one system only.
  • The number of the measurement channels is virtually unlimited due to the most simple cascading of additional input modules (4 measurement channels are supported as a standard)
  • A realtime subsystem provides the measured values reliably and in consistent time intervals and can make an examination of the limit values.
  • Digital outputs can be configurated to customers‘ requirements.
  • The BILZ Pneumatic Measurement System can be refitted as retrofit project on machining centers.
  • It can be integrated in the switchboard of new machines.
  • Individual administration and fully automatic allocation of calibration data
    Advantage vis-à-vis conventional systems in machining centers: quick consecutive automatic tool change are carried out without a further calibration step.
  • Progressive calibration process with check.
    Advantage vis-à-vis conventional systems: the simple calibration of the plug gauge via two reference gages does not detect errors by incorrect placement or a defect. The Bilz system also allows a calibration with three or more reference gages. In this case the calibration function is evaluated for the whole measurement range. Therefore the user is immediately informed, whether the calibration was successful.
  • In-Process-Measuring during process
    Advantages vis-à-vis conventional systems:
  • Multi-level limit values can be set up to change e. g. coolant pressure for cooling expanded honing tools or to control other process parameters dependent on the currently achieved diameter.

  • Specific work piece features can be included in the in-process-measuring:
    Advantages vis-à-vis conventional systems: tools can be set-up, so that different limit values for the completion of the process for e. g. the working of cylinder blocks for each borehole and process step. Conventional systems do not consider that cylinder bore holes deform elastically in the side area due to high process force. With the Bilz-System, there is no need to reduce the working forces to a minimum; you work quickly and constantly in the µm-range from borehole to borehole.


Adaptor combined with a honing tool


as an independent measuring mandrel

Technical Description


Retrofitting solution constisting of

  • Control cabinet
  • Industry-PC with addtional UPS (starts with the machine and is shut down securely in case of missing supply voltage.) Integrated supply voltage of all components. Beckhoff CP-Link allows a picture transmission over 100 m from control cabinet to display
  • Decentralized measuring components
  • Digitalisation of the measured values directly at the measurement points
  • Flexible expansion of the measurement channels
  • suitable for use in drag chains

Air Measurement (accuracies/setting time/noise)

  • is highly dependent on the process (e. g. finish quality of the worked component > Rz 5 / pneumatic system idling)
  •  Which measurements are possible? (Cylindrical measuring mandrel with two diametrically arranged nozzle outlets on the outer surface, which are combined in an air measuring channel)
    • Bore holes
    • Diameter (Due to the system, it is not possible to make a statement about the position of the center axis)

BPMS-Software (on IPC provided IPC)               

  • Administration of tools/plug gauges, which are used with the pneumatic measurement system (calibration data)
  • Administration of work pieces or the surfaces to be measured with the system (compensation values surface, tolerances, nominal values)
  • Comparison of the current measured values with the tolerances set in the work piece parameters and supply of the binary alarms at the fieldbus interface
  • Administration and measuring with double spindler machine configurations at the same time
  • Basic visualisation of the measured values and setting in the automatic operation
  • Measuring and transmission of the measured values fully automatically fieldbus interface
  • Integrated teamviewer quicksupport inquiry. Internet connection is preconditioned.
  • Display available in German or English

Fieldbus interface Feldbussschnittstelle (ProfiNET-DP or Profibus)

  • Air measurement system acts as a field bus participant


  • The following options are available:

    • Setting-up of the measurement configuration
    • Triggering a measurement (measured values are available at the fieldbus)
    • The user can take the measured values from the fieldbus and document them or use them for additional calculations/applications.


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BPMS Pneumatic Measurement Systems