Our TMG-Multigrip test action

We provide you with the TMG Test Kit System for 10 weeks free of charge.
Maximum test period is 6 months.
After extensive testing, you provide us with a user report with a cutting protocol.
For each report you receive a 5% discount on the set.
If you deliver 20 reports, you will receive the set free of charge!


Test kit includes the following features:

1x TMG20... HSK-A63 or HSK-A100 or FBT40
2x TMG standard collets (diameter of your choice)
1x TMG Pin-Lock collet with pull-out protection for Weldon shanks (diameter of your choice)
1x Screw-in unit instructions for TWK & TLK units
1x tool holder (HSK-A63 / HSK-A100 / FBT40)
1x TMG interchangeable disc


Framework conditions

While stocks last
There is 1 test kit per country / agency.

*For enquiries outside Germany, country-specific conditions may apply.
These can be requested from the relevant country subsidiaries and sales partners.

What is a valid application report?

"All fields for recording the application in the machining report have been filled in a meaningful way and the benefit or added value by TMG is recognisable.
The submitted application must be realisable with the existing TMG system or realisable through further development.
Feedback on application will be evaluated by a project team and assessed for validity.
Please send reports to."

Michael Schinke
Thomas Spieth



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