Quick change system for industrial robots

Switch to fully automated processing with Bilz


Application: Deburring, brushing, cleaning, polishing, grinding, drilling and rubbing operations
Machine type: Industrial robots


  • Fast automated tool change
  • For tool and workpiece-guided machining
  • Independent of the rotational position of the drive spindle
  • Axial length compensation in using a compensating
    compression range, optionally also avaiable with ten
    sion compensation
  • Machine-side interface according to customer requirements
  • Interchangeable with collet chuck as standard or individually adapted


  • Simple system integration
  • Increased productivity due to reduced tool change times
  • One chuck for different
    application-specific interchangeable tooling
  • Use with drive spindles with low complexity

Our AOCS Tool Storage System can be Equipped with sensor Technology!


Precise, robust, simple to apply – The quick change
connection for reliable tool exchange

The AOCS (Automatic Orientation Clamping System) from BILZ enables fully automatic tool
changing when machining with robots.

Our AOCS change system from Bilz offers you a high degree of flexibility in your processing line

With the integrated system, tools can be changed fully automatically and without stopping the machining process.
This is a great advantage, especially for applications with relatively short change intervals. If a component has to be
machined with different tools to accommodate various materials , e.g. cast aluminium, magnesium or plastic housings,
a single spindle is usually sufficient.

How it works

The very high-quality AOCS system enables a position-independent tool change via a star-shaped coupling mount. The machine spindle,
for example, does not have to be positioned into a special fixture for this.

The tool-change is completed with the help of a special change station, this facilitates the pushing back of the coupling sleeve.
The spindle can be installed stationary or mounted on the robot.

Workpiece guided machining:

Used when the processing focus is on minimising
cycle times. AOCS supports you here with the
quick changing of worn tools with simple
automation processes.


Tool-guided machining:

The use of the AOCS quick-change system makes tool-guided machining
more beneficial: the advantages are the significantly smaller
moving loads and the reductioin of the working space.

The ability to change tooling successfully is the key factor for process optimisation.

The AOCS quick change system as a reliable and robust interface for automated tool changes,
reduces machine down-time thus saving valuable machine time. The quick-change system can be used independently of
the rotational positioning of the drive spindle and can load and unload the desired tooling for brushing, deburring polishing
and even grinding applications.
After reaching the magazine location, only an axial movement is required for tool changing
Movement in the direction of the interchangeable connection is necessary. Axial movement in the opposite direction
disengages the connection. The AOCS quick change system can be used in many ways, it supports your production with
deburring, brushing, polishing, grinding, and much more.

The interchangeable connections are available in three sizes. The chucking tools suited to ER11 to ER25 covers the complete clamping
range of cutters and tooling from 1mm to 16mm.



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