Test-action TER shrink collet*

Convinced by the highest precision and perfect hold

Application area: Collet chucks, driven tool holders, direct clamping in machine spindles

Lower production costs through high performance

The patented TER shrink collet Revolutionises the use of collets
and Collet chucks in production. Through the use of thermal tool clamping
(Shrink technology) the best holding and concentricity properties are
achieved that others.

Compared to conventional collets and collet chucks, the TER shrink collet with the following advantages:

  • type ER to DIN 6499
  • Highest concentricity
  • Best repeatability
  • Maximum tool holding forces
  • Highest rigidity
  • Low cutting tool wear, monoblock properties

    TER Standard shrink collet - tool tension with shrink unit

    • Working at high speed
    • Tool life increases up to 300%
    • Highly precise and reliable
    • Produce longer with less wear
    • no conversion required
    • High quality production for the best results
    • Produce more in less time
    • Produce more effectively without are switching

    TER Success story

    Manufacture of high-precision spine support elements
    Key data: Machine: INDEX G200, batch size 1500 pieces, material: TiAI6V4
    Cutting data competitor tool collet DIN 6499-25
    Finishing: Ø 6mm cutting data Vc = 75.36 fz = 0.05 machining time 20 s, tool life 500 pieces
    Roughing: Ø 10mm cutting data Vc = 75.36 fz = 0.05 machining time 75 s, tool life 500 pieces

    Improvements through the use of TER:

    Cutting data use TER
    Finishing: cutting data Vc = 84.78 fz = 0.05 machining time 17 s, tool life 1500 pieces
    Roughing: cutting data Vc = 50.24 fz = 0.02 machining time 30 s, tool life 1500 pieces

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    TER stainless steel design - tool clamping without shrinking machinet

    Try 90 days for free*
    For shrinking stainless steel collets, a simple heat gun is adequate
    to complete the operation1. If you are not satisfied, simply return
    the TER collets to us within 90 days.

    1 not suitable for HSS tools

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    all prices are net prices and do not include statutory VAT, payable within 30 days net plus freight and packaging costs. TER stainless steel version: we make these TER collets
    available to you for testing for 90 days at no charge, return of the TER articles with a completed machining protocol within 90 days. The promotion is valid from now up to and
    including December 31, 2022. Our terms and conditions apply, which can be viewed at https://www.bilz.com/conditions.




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    Test-action TER shrink collet