High Precision Components

Customized solution tailored to suit your needs

Customized Precision Components

You have a special requirement for the high-precision components.  We have the right solutions to your highly individual Customer requirements and your industry specific requirements.

Customized components (for example) like Shafts, Spindles, Mandrels, Gears, Holders, Discs, Coupling, Adapters, etc.

Be it Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Engineering, Ship building or Sports & leisure, we are always up to the challenge.

Our tried and tested technology is the basis that can be individually adjusted to meet Customers' needs and demands.

We always work closely with our Customers to develop customized precision components that are just perfect for your application.

Bilz India, a subsidiary of Bilz Germany has been manufacturing high precision products and components for the global market, using German Engineering and cost efficient methods and processes.  In its over the last 30 years, the organization has established capabilities to satisfy the growing and competitive demands of our customers.



Control of Design and Development:

From initiation to processing and implementation, each step is reviewed, verified, validated and duly approved before an action is taken.
Review of changes in design and development also include an evaluation of the change on constituent parts and products already delivered.
We are always in control at every stage.

Control of Manufacturing methods and Processes:

• A highly specialized system and methods specific control system is implemented to ensure strict yet efficient production and quality control.
• Shop loading to optimize cost effective production to realize competitive services to our customers.
• Experienced personnel maximize the production of recognized quality standards.
• Customer satisfaction is our goal via targeted vendor management system.
• Quality specific controls are in place to guarantee "First Time Correct" product supply.
• First class heat treatment ensures best practice material security.

Control of Quality:

Quality control and recognized standards are cemented in our daily routines and never left to chance.

Dependable Logistics:

High tech industries demand precise and reliable logistical supply management through internationally recognized network of professional forwarders.
Bilz is no exception with worldwide partners.


We also have the following strenghs,

Special Coatings:

Balinit coating, Balitherm coating, Baltone decorative colors, Baliq coating, Chrome look with EPD, Nickel coating, Trivalent blue, Blackening, Glass beading, Micro machining, Sand blasting, Manganese phosphate, Anodizing.

Machining Strength:

Turning (soft as well as hard machining), Milling (soft as well as hard machining), Cylindrical OD grinding (accuracy as close to 0.001mm), Internal bore grinding (accuracy as close to 0.002mm)

Special Process:

Gear cutting, Gear grinding (DIN 6 class), Spark EOM, JIG grinding, Polygon grinding (P4C), Thread grinding, Dynamic balancing, Laser marking.


Machining cylindrical parts, Diameter 3 - 300 mm, Length up to 500 mm

Material Specifications:

Alloy steel (20MnCr5, SAE8620, En353, En19, En24, En36c, En8D, SAE52100),  Specialty steel (H11,H13),  Non-ferrous (aluminum, bronze, brass).


Bilz Precision Components