Data Carrier TDSc

Tool Dialog Smart connectivity


Application: Clear assignment of all tools and components, Transmission in UHF-Range, ISO 18000-6


  • Small frame size
  • Compact design
  • Low-cost chip with small storage area ( EPC 16 byte )
  • Identification with globally unique ID-Number ( TID 12 Byte )
  • Data management in primary database
  • Max. permissible speed up to 30.000 rpm


  • New type of mounting: no glue necessary
  • Chip is also applicable in small workpieces ( for example: tools )
  • Clipping onto chip bore within seconds, in accordance with DIN ISO 7388-3
  • Patent pending

Advantages of using the data chip for tool logistics:

  • Tool Management: Clear assignment of all tools and components
  • Standardization of tools (for example: programming length)
  • Reducing the search time
  • Faster replacement in the case of tool breakage