Standard Boring Solutions

Modular system, Rough & Fine boring system

BILZ boring system offers standard boring solutions as Modular system, Rough boring system and Fine boring system.

TWINBORE and TRIBORE tooling provide a full range of rough boring tools. The range offers the selection of 2-blade and 3-blade boring heads.  Within this tooling family the user can produce components with the most economical type of tool available.

Particular advantages:
Flexibility of application, Reduction of machining cycle time, Increase of machine capacities.

Convincing technical design: 
Angular serrations to absorb highest cutting forces, Compact design to secure best chip removal and maximum rigidity, Extra large boring capacities of each boring head; that reduces capital investment, Internal  coolant supply, directly to the cutting edges, Each insert holder can be adjusted individually, Centric and step-boring application possible.
Economy and productivity can be increased with the application of TWINBORE and TRIBORE.

TWINBORE and TRIBORE tooling can be used in different applications. One is Standard-boring, i.e., concentric application and the other is Step-boring, i.e. eccentric application.

On Standard boring applications two or three (depending on system) insert holders are set to the same bore diameter and boring length. Thus it is possible to machine with double or triple feed rate. When “Step Boring” all insert holders are adjusted to different diameter and length dimensions. This is possible by the choice of various standard insert holders. The feed rate is limited to the conditions of single point cutting. However, the advantage results in a higher chip depth. Step-boring is practiced on machining of castings when tolerances of bores vary or when the clamping of the components can absorb limited forces only.

Modular & Flexible system (Mod-Flex system):  The modular build up of the Microbore system allows maximum flexibility in combination with a cost down environment. A large variety of adapters, extensions and reducers allows the user to assemble the tool for an optimum performance.

Fine boring system: GA/MB Fine boring system, MGAG-Fine boring heads, Fine boring bars and Fine boring units.

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Boring System