Adaptable Quick Change Drilling Chucks ASR

Stub drill system for HSS and Carbide stub drills and special drill applications


Application: drilling, deep gun drilling operations
Machine type: deep gun drilling, special purpose machines, transfer lines, multi spindle heads


  • over spindle quick change chuck
  • short projection length
  • tight tolerance in the spindle bore (h4) and at the tool holder shank ( -0.002 to -0.005 )
  • tool holder with built-in length adjustment (WZHR)
  • roller design
  • quick change system
  • automatic locking of the tool holders
  • in the chuck


  • quick change system, quick change of the tool holders
  • high rigidity - no guide bushing required
  • high concentricity
  • length adjustment outside of the machine possible
  • free of axial play
  • quick change of the tool holder

Description / Qualities

The Bilz stub drilling system consists of the ASR drill chuck used in conjunction with a WZHR toolholder. It is designed for use on transfer lines and special purpose machines, the short projection length of the unit ensures rigidity and accuracy and is ideal for drilling applications without the need for bushing.

The ASR chuck is screwed directly onto the machine spindle, and is locked in position using a micro-encapsulated adhesive which provides a secure bond and can be easily cracked when the chuck is required to be removed. The WZHR toolholder is automatically locked into the chuck and axial play is eliminated by means of a newly developed roller mechanism. The close manufacturing tolerances and positive drive combine to ensure rigidity and concentricity.

The tools can be set off the machine and the internal adjusting screw allows for easy length setting. WZHR has versions which accept ESX collets and DIN 1835 shanks. The system is suitable for both right and left hand operation, and it can also be supplied with a coolant feed facility if required.

Special versions of this range of tooling can be supplied on request.