Quick Change Drilling Chucks SBK-SEK

Quick change drilling chucks and adaptors for drilling, reaming, and tapping tools


Application: tapping, roll forming, drilling, counterboring, chamfering, reaming
Machine type: machining centres and special purpose machine


  • quick change feature with automatic locking of the adaptors in the chuck
  • high concentricity of the adaptors in the chuck (3/100)
  • free of axial and radial play
  • conical location between chuck and adaptor
  • short tool changing ways through conical location
  • can be used horizontally or vertically
  • suitable for right and left hand rotation
  • chuck always stays in the machine spindle


  • no additional tools/accessories required for the tool chang
  • higher accuracy, less tool wear
  • high concentricity
  • axial and radial free of gap
  • reduced travels, spindle movements
  • higher flexibility
  • only the adaptors will be changed by the quick change system

Description / Qualities

The SBK quick change system is for use on drilling machines, either manual, radial or NC controlled. The system is designed to enable numerous functions to be carried out whilst utilising a single toolholder.

The unique double ball clamping gives a positive drive and allows the precise location of the SEK adaptor in the chuck. The adaptors, which take drills, reamers, counterbores or tapping equip ment, can be changed quickly without the use of additional tools, and are automatically located in the chuck. They are released by retracting the outer sleeve of the chuck axially, which then allows the adaptor to be removed with ease.

The changing of tools can take place either when the machine spindle is stopped. The steep location taper of the unit allows a rapid tool change and the system is designed that the unit can operate in both the vertical or horizontal plane, and for left or right hand rotation.

SBK holders and SEK adaptors can be supplied with internal coolant feed on request. A custom design of this quick change system is available for fully auto matic tool change units on special machines.


Not suitable for operations with radial forces. E.g. milling and tension forcer e.g. back spotfacing