ThermoGrip® Induction Technology - Advantages

BILZ Induction Technology – advantages of the change disc

  • By means of the patented ferrite disc system the tool is prevented from heating; solid carbide and HSS-tools can be easily clamped within a range of 3 – 50 mm
  • Local heating preserves the shrink chuck and allows quick cooling down
  • Efficiency increase by appropriate adaption of the alternating magnetic field
  • Moving the Hot Spot into the optimum area – this makes shrinking out easy

Technological Advantage ISG liquid cooling technique

Value to Customer

Fully automatic shrinking and cooling process

  • risk of burning – shrink chuck always comes up fully cooled down
  • no damage to the shrink chucks by overheating / burning, as the shrink chuck is always cooled down to room temperature
  • Concentricity is maintained by uniform cooling down process

Liquid cooling by means of a cooling tower principle

  • Reduction of non-productive times by cooling down within seconds
  • No active cooling down of the emulsion necessary
  • No power consumption due to an additional cooler
  • Protection against corrosion for the tool and the shrink chuck

Contour independent cooling

  • No damage to the cutter from the heat sink
  • No extra cooling equipment required for different chuck external geometrie

Heating and cooling in one position

  • Well structured workplace
  • No moving of hot shrink chucks



BILZ now equips the shrink machines with a Graphical User Interface  –  GUI  for  short.  GUI  is  an  interface  between  user  and  application which, in contrast to previous symbol-based systems, is now based completely on graphics. GUIs have become popular in everyday appliances such as Smartphones and Tablets, where we could no longer imagine being without them.
The advantages of GUI opposed to a text-based interface are clear:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Self-writing
  • Language independent
  • Increased perceptibility
  • pleasant appearance

We have consciously decided against a Touchscreeen in favour of the  established  and  proven  membrane  keypad.  This  guarantees safe  and  error-free  operation,  even  when  safety  gloves  are  being worn.


Quick change system ISG 3400 series

The coil system can be equipped with a quick change mechanism as an option. Therefore tools with special dimensions can also be shrunk in and out at any time with a specially adjusted  coil.  So,  the  range  of  performance  can  be  adjusted  permanently  to  modified conditions,  without  the  need  of  constant  investments  in  new  machine  technology.  
The option is available for the ISG 3400 series only.


Passion Meets Design! Red dot award for new ThermoGrip® ISG3400 Series

Our shrink machine ISG 3400 series has won the red dot award for product design 2012. The high-level jury of experts complimented the way that the modular design and economical technology enables individual customer requirements to be fulfilled. This makes us very proud because this important award proves once again that our modular and modern equipment concepts meet individual customer requirements. The most successful solutions always arise from through working together with the customer as a reliable partner. This is what our brand values of quality, customer focus and solution expertise stand for - now and in the future, and what we stand for at BILZ – we hold our promises.




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