Application: Automatic device with liquid cooling for heavy holders, cooling time: 45 s

The ISG 4410 WK- HL has been especially designed for heavy machining. An optional pivoted coil guide means that a loading of the shrink machine with a lever system is easy. After each shrinking cycle the coil tower moves laterally away from the shrinking position at a 90° angle.

Due to the high weight of the shrink holders with tool ( up to 40 kg ), a new cooling concept has been developed. The difference in the ISG 4410 WK- HL is that the cooling facility moves upwards from the housing and sprays the shrink chuck from all sides.

Besides the advantages of liquid cooling, the machine offers the following highlights:


  • Shrinking range from Ø 3 mm up to Ø 51mm (2”)
  • Shrink-fit holder external diameter max. 90 mm
  • For tools up to 40 kg
  • Designed for lifting devices
  • Up to HSK-A 125, SK 50, BT 50 or CAT 50
  • Tool length 710 mm
  • Fully automatic shrinking and cooling cycle
  • Meets Aerospace requirements



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