Nano Synchro

Tapping with both, „Forming and Cutting taps“ M0.5 to M4

Area of use Application

Application: electronics, optics, precision mechanics, toolmaking, clockmaking, watch making
Machine type: Machining centres, CNC lathes, special machines with synchronised feed for thread cutting


  • Highest process stability
  • Extended tapping tool-life
  • Improved thread quality
  • Reduction of thread fl ank cutting pressures
  • Compensates spindle synchronisation errors.



    • Minimum tension and compression compensation
    • Ball bearing technology, (application without turning moment) dampening
    • Suitable for cutting and forming taps
    • Suitable for right and lefthand threads
    • Optimised spring and dampening compensation (+/- 0,5mm)
    • Suited for external coolant supply

    Flexible applications

    Our Nano Synchro tapping chuck can be applied as a collet chuck for driven aggregates, does not need to be clamped directly in the machine spindle.

    Mechanical clamping, shrinking or self locking

    Many possibilities to use our Nano Synchro chuck in your current process strategy.