Floating Holders

Bilz floating holders – highest quality for perfect finish and accuracy


Application: reaming operations
Machine type: Transfer roads, BAZ and special machines


  • Compensating centre force
  • Correction of the lack of spindle positioning accuracy
  • torque transmission absolutely free of play
  • 100 % sealed for internal coolant


  • longer tool life
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Maintenance free – no wear parts
  • prevents penetration of chips into the working elements of the chuc
  • Lowering the serial cost
  • Protection of the cutting edges from damage.
  • Oscillation with axial feeds ensured at all times
  • Maintenance-free - No wearing parts
  • No radial forces on the cutting tool
  • Prevents chips from entering

Description / Qualities

Highest possible drilling quality with perfect accuracy on reaming operations can only be achieved when the clamping system does not cause any force on the cutting tool. The requirement regarding the tolerance zone, the surface roughness and the roundness presupposes a clamping system which compensates all inaccuracy of position occurring. In addition, the system should be without circumferential backlash. Damage to the edges of the tool is thus avoided.
Bilz floating holders can be used vertically and horizontally.

Made in Germany
All floating holders are manufactured at the Ostfildern-Nellingen site and at the Betra plant near Horb.

Original Bilz
Quality - We provide all products with a custom product number. Because we always play it safe - from purchasing to delivery.


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