Column drilling machines / Hand drilling

Precision and efficiency are crucial in modern production and assembly.
Bilz Werkzeugsysteme offers advanced solutions for pillar drilling machines and hand drilling to fulfil these requirements.
Our specialised products, including quick-change drill chucks and tapping chucks,
enable optimised operation and improve the quality of your drilling and tapping processes.

Quick Change Drilling Chuck SBK/SEK

The SBK/SEK quick-change drill chuck from Bilz is the ideal choice for fast and precise tool changes when using pillar drills. Its innovative design minimises set-up time while maximising drilling precision and repeatability. It is compatible with a wide range of drills and enables quick changeover without the need for additional tools, significantly increasing productivity.

Tapping chuck D/DSPL

Our D/DSPL series tapping chucks offer an outstanding solution for all your tapping requirements. They are specially designed for use with pillar drills and guarantee precise guidance of the tap. The automatic length compensation function prevents the tap from tilting and ensures clean, accurate threads. This chuck is particularly suitable for demanding applications in metal and other materials.

Tapping attachments

The TA tapping attachment expands the possibilities of thread machining thanks to its adaptability and high performance. Designed for hand tapping, this tool offers easy handling and precise control. With the TA tapping attachment, users can easily cut threads in a wide variety of materials, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

Bilz tooling systems stands for innovation and quality in the machining of holes and threads. Our solutions for pillar drilling machines and hand drilling offer you the flexibility, efficiency and precision you need to be successful in modern manufacturing. Discover how our products can optimise your production processes. Contact us for more information or a personal consultation.


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