Swabian ingenuity since 1919

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Product highlights from more than 90 years of Bilz quality

2010 - MQL, the next generation: Unique feature absolutely leak-proof
With the development of the optimized synchrofutters for MMS in joint project work with VW and alliance partner LMT, a technical milestone leap forward. Due to the high demand of the automotive industry, the new system will be transferred to the entire Bilz MMS program with immediate effect.

1998 - ThermoGrip®: starting shot for shrinking
Bilz formed the ThermoGrip®- Group together with partners Diebold, Marquart and Komet,. This group has had a considerable influence on the development of shrink technology and has maintained its leading technological position in the market with their patented taper and pole disc technology.

1983 - TDS: intelligent tool systems by means of a data chi
TDS – Tool Dialog System – this was the new dimension of tool identification and data transmission during machining centre operations. By means of an integrated data chip, the tools became intelligent. The system was brought onto the market in 1985 and the new generation arrived just 6 years later.

1960 - chucks for US NC-machines
The founding of an agency in Detroit was not only the successful move across the Atlantic for Bilz, but was also a groundbreaking step. Bilz was developing the first chucks for NC machines before these machines were even made or sold in Europe.

1950 - The worldwide first quick change system for multispindle machines and transfer lines
The introduction of the worldwide first quick change system was the big breakthrough for Bilz and was the result of close cooperation with Volkswagen Wolfsburg. Bilz was given the task of finding a solution to the continual problem of breaking taps, long change times and imprecise threads – and was successful.

1937 - First ever continuously variable square chuck
Following experiments with tapping chucks, Otto Bilz constructed a square chuck which could variably set different squares for the first time ever. The variable setting was achieved by means of four profile jaws driven by a spindle.


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