Quick Change Tapping Chuck WF – WFLP

Tapping and thread forming on transfer lines and special purpose machines


Application: tapping, roll forming
Machine type: transfer lines, multispindle heads and special purpose machines


  • quick change mechanism for tap adaptors
  • length compensation on tension and /or compression, acc. to the requirements
  • compression with strong spring
  • slim design
  • radial floating mechanism (WFP, WFLP)
  • ball guided length compensation


  • quick tool change - reduction of machine down time, higher productivity
  • compensation of pitch differences between tap pitch and feed of the machine - tapping of threads in tolerance and good quality even under difficult conditions
  • not getting into compression while starting the tapping operation - tapping depth is realised as programmed
  • specially for close centre distance - realisation of close centre distance, fewer multispindle heads necessary
  • to compensate misalignment/offset between machine spindle and the drill hole in the component - good thread quality
  •  smooth length compensation - good thread quality

Description / Qualities

Tapping and thread forming on transfer lines and special purpose machines BILZ WFLP-WF chucks are designed for multi-spindle tapping applications and are used in conjunction with the WES-WE adaptors. The system is designed for rapid and easy adaptor change, which are automatically locked by insertion into the chuck.

The length compensation on extension and compression allows any fluctuations which may occur between the spindle feed and the thread pitch, so that multi-spindle tapping with varying pitches is possible, without the need to balance revolutions and feed rates. The ratio of compression and extension can be chosen to suit varying requirements. The self centring float mechanism only responds when any misalignment is > 0,2 mm, between the machine spindle axis and core holes in the component.

WFLP-WF chucks with internal coolant feed are available on request.