Synchro Tap Adapter STA

For highest precision and quality - from the first thread


Application: Used with ER collet chucks and driven tools


  • for all types of tooling with or without internal coolant
  • minimal length compensation with compression and expansion
  • optimal damping
  • compact design
  • allows quick tap changes


  • compensates for synchronization errors
  • reduction of axial forces on the thread flanks
  • better thread quality
  • can be used in tight spaces
  • low maintenance

Description / Qualities

The new STA Synchro Tap Adapter was designed specifically for ERcollet chucks and allows for synchronised thread cutting and forming to be archieved with all suitable machines.


  • high productivity due to fast tool change times
  • significant increase in tool life and process reliability
  • reduced risk of tool breakage
  • cost savings due to reduced tap inventory
  • reduced spindle wear
  • increase in process reliability

STA saves considerable time when changing taps. Optimises tap tool life and thus improves productivity and quality.
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