Synchro Chucks WFS

Ideal for multispindle Machines with synchronised Drive


Application: tapping, roll forming on machines with synchronized feed ( speed/feed synchronisation, also named Rigid Tapping)
Machine type: machining centres, CNC-turning and special purpose machines with synchronized feed
for the tapping operation


  • Short and slim external geometry
  • compensates synchronisation errors
  • minimises axial and radial forces
  • smooth, ball-bearing operated minimal length compensation for synchronous tapping
  • type of cooling is indicated by coloured ring on the chuck
  • standardised coolant/lubrication bore through the chuck
  • Synchrotechnik jetzt erstmals mit Schnellwechselung
  • working parts are protected from coolant, swarf and dirt
  • quick and easy tap change using quick change adaptors
  • length adjustment of the tap in the quick change adaptor ( max. 3 mm )


  • Compact Design
  • Synchro technology now with quick-change function
  • Tool change in seconds
  • Length adjustment possible outside the machine
  • Reduction of setup time
  • Increased tool life and improved thead quality