Universal Ratchets

for industry and trade

For repairs and assembly work as well as for installation in
machines and units.

Solid construction and easy handling
Ratchet housing burnished, wear parts hardened
The adaptors are easy to change and are available individually or in sets.

Standard Design:
Type R adjustable for left and right handed operation
Adaptors are blocked in centre position of the lever

Universal Ratchets Type R/RGS

In badly accessible places, the Bilz set of Universal Ratchets with square inserts is suitable for threading and reaming
in the assembly department and for repair work.

Special versions:

  • With extended lever arm
  • With lever arm according to customer drawing (e.g. cranked)
  • Reinforced version for higher torques
  • Chrome-plated or bichromatised version
  • Special profiles in the inserts

    Type RGS Advantages:


    • robust design due to hardened components
    •  positive locking of the chosen direction (left-right-neutral),
      therefore no unintentional change of direction possible
    • compact design due to the adjusting mechanism integrated in the lever
    • ergonomic design

    Long-term precision — in workpiece clamping

    Clamps, wrenches for vices and fixtures machines - special solutions are possible.

    • Ratchet and insert VKT
      Article description: R3-HA300 + R3-VKT19
      Ideal workpiece clamping on machine vices - long leverage with little effort. Easy to
      attach on e.g. square or hexagon socket.
    • Ratchet and insert with bore
      Article description: R5-HA550 + R5-D30 
      Integration on machine elements such as
      e.g. Clamping devices by means of bore
      with keyway.

    Precision in the long term - In industrial applications


    • Ratchet and insert SKT
      Article description: R2-HA220 + R2-SKT17
      Adjust the pressing pressure for a roller
      bearing by means of a hexagon socket.


    • Ratchet and insert VKT
      Article description: R3-HA250 + R3-VKT17
      Precise square mount for actuation
      a shut-off valve.
    • Ratchet and insert VKT
      Article description: R4-HA380 + R4-D25
      Integration on machine elements like
      e.g. thread gear by means of bore
      with keyway.
    • Ratchet and insert VKT
      Article description: RS0 + R0-VKT4,9
      Cutting threads on a mounting plate
      ratchet with square insert.


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