Engraving Chuck ET0

Engraving on almost all surfaces


Application: Accurate marking of tools during your machining production

Features of our engraving chuck

  • Engraving on almost any surface and various materials such as
    plastic / aluminum / steel (max. 57 HRC)
  • Adjustable engraving hardness (engraving depth)
  • Adjustment of the preset (max. 5 mm) by adjusting the setting screw
  • Cleaning of the work piece surface by internal compressed air flow –
    not coolant sleaning
  • Tool holder Ø 20 mm collet/Weldon holder
  • Despite the compact design, it is suitable for many different applications
  • High wear resistance of the engraving point due to rolling ball
  • Cost efficient replacement purchase of the engraving point
  • Simple and quick change of the engraving point
  • Levelling of any unevenness


Safety parts such as ABS brake parts for cars must be clearly identified due to product liability reasons. These parts are normally manufactured completely on machining centers and the marking will be done during the production.

The BILZ engraving chuck ET1 can be changed like any other normal tool into the machine spindle. The ET1 has a spindle with ball bearings and an axial way of 10 mm with a specified force.

With suitable feed of the machine spindle the ball pen is pressed into the surface of the workpiece and through the machine program each required marking can be written. The ball pen is clamped in a Rubber Flex® collet and easy to change.

All standard machine connections are available on request.


  • Compressed air channels with different angle settings
  • Adjustable engraving hardness (engraving depth)
  • Rolling generates lower lateral forces
  • Font width is adjusted (to a certain extent) by the pressing force, not by different points
  • Compact design
  • Simple and quick change of the engraving point
  • Tool holder Ø 20 mm collet/Weldon holders



    • Cleaning of the work piece
    • Engraving on almost any surface, on different materials - plastic /
      aluminum / steel (max. 57 HRC)
    • Small bearing load on the machine – longer life
    • Various font depths possible
    • Covers almost any task
    • Quick tool change
    • Installation on any machine interface


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    ET0 Engraving Chuck