SFC - Stud Driving Chucks


Application: For fixing studs in threads

Description / Qualities

The Bilz SFC stud driver has been specifically designed for this tightening function. By using this facility, studs can be set quickly and safely to a required torque.

The process can be performed manually using pneumatic drivers, or automatically by means of a single or multi-spindle assembly machine.

The stud is located into the uniquely designed threaded jaws, in the closed position and is screwed into the jaws until it makes contact with the stop pin.

The stud is then driven into the tapped hole in the workpiece until it reaches its pre-set length or the required torque level. When the driver reaches either position, the threaded jaws are automatically opened, allowing the driver to be removed cleanly from the stud.

The driver can be removed from the stud, either with the spindle rotating or stationary.


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