Pre-Paid Solution for Thermal Clamping

All the advantages without acquisition costs

  • No investment costs for
    the shrinking device
  • Flexible terms
  • No risk of amortization
  • Prepaid solution for full
    cost control: Only pay for
    what you use!1


It´s that simple!

With purchasing of the Starter Kit and at least 20 shrink fit holders or more you will get the
ThermoGrip® shrink unit ISG 1100 free of charge for the complete duration of the rental period1.

  • You pay with credits which are loaded onto the device is in use 1 second = 1 credit1
  • As with prepaid mobile phones you pay with credits which is loaded onto the device
  • For each tool change you need ca. 4 seconds (4 credits)
    (Guide value when using ThermoGrip® shrink fit holders*)
  • Shrink parameters are set easily by scanning of the barcodes

Starter Kit ThermoGrip® ISG 1100 includes

  • Basic adapter
  • Cooling adaptor
  • Pole discs
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Minimum Credits

Individual tool selection

  • Choose 20 shrink fit holders of your choice
  • Get free credits when purchasing additional Bilz shrink fit holders
    during the rental period

    Top up your follow-up credit with barcodes as often as you like1

    • Request credit for every one by entering the machine ID number
      and conveniently booking onto the machine by means of
      the barcode scanner
    • Status report for credit monitoring

    We would be pleased to advise you and send you a non-binding offer.
    Please contact your responsible Sales contact at Bilz by phone
    +49 711 34801 0 or by email
    You can simply use the unit and after the end of the term send it back to us.


    1 The free provision of equipment is linked to a minimum annual turnover
    * Guide value when using ThermoGrip® shrink chucks Schrumpffuttern



    Contact Sales

    Team Sales

    Tel.: +49 (0) 711 34801-0


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