Shrink chucks with bionic structural optimisation

silent running

“Balanced by Design” and subsequent fine balancing

  • Improved surface quality = longer tool life, improved
    surface finish and better maintenance of tolerances
  • Ideal for HPC/HSC
  • Protection for the machine spindle
  • Shrinkable with standard coil 1 up to diameter 25 mm
  • Shrink machine X parameters for shrinking in and out

Maximum form stability

and life of the shrink chuck due to the use of high temperature resistant special steel

  • High radial rigidity
  • Low deflection
  • High metal removal rates

Maximum Concentricity

  • <0,003 mm and exact taper tolerances, manufactured in a climate-controlled environment
  • Reduction of production costs due to a smoother cutting process leading to improved tool life.
  • Reduction of chatter marks
  • Increased tool life
  • Better surface finish quality
  • Maintenance of tolerances for longer

The innovative counterbore

makes it possible for the tool to be inserted cold so that the shrinking process can be carried out fully
automatically and thereby simplifies handling and improves user safety.

  • 15 – 20 % reduction in heat requirements when heating up the shrink chuck


  • All cylindrical shanks manufactured to DIN1835 Form A, B and E, DIN 6535 Form HA,
    HB and HE can be used

ThermoGrip® BIONICS

Form optimisation leads to an increase in the life and load capacity of the holder through a uniform structure throughout.
The bearing structure of our Thermogrip® Bionic shrink chucks has been designed based on the growth form of trees, meaning that notch stress is avoided and
only as much material is used as is required.A tree is stabilised on the windward side by means of its
root system, and exactly this method has been used by our engineers to develop an exceptional shrink chuck with extremely high bending strength.


  • Maximum bending strength due to the bionic contour
  • Increased rigidity
  • Counterbore – the Thermogrip® trademark
  • Improved surface quality due to optimal chip removal
  • Run-out quality < 3μm


  • Higher feed rates and greater cutting depth
  • Increased torque transmission
  • Lockable Cool Jet holes for peripheral cooling and
    balance screw holes for fine balancing as standard


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