ThermoGrip® Shrink Chucks

Made in Germany

Optimized stability

through “Balanced by Design” and subsequent fine balancing

  • Better surface quality
  • Ideal for HPC/HSC processing
  • Low wear of the machine spindl


  • All cylindrical shanks acc. to DIN 1835 Form A, B and E as well as DIN 6535 Form HA, HB and HE can be clamped
  • No loss of clamping force on greasy and oily shanks

The patented counterbore

  • allows insertion of the tool under cold conditions, as well as an automatic shrinking process and simplified handling
  • 15 % – 20 % less heat required when heating the shrink chuck

Longest tool life

  • < 0,003 mm and precise taper tolerances, manufactured in an air-conditioned production area
  • Reduced tool costs due to improved tool life, allows a constant cutting edge contact
  • Reduced chatter marks

Longest tool life

and form stability due to the use of high heat resisting, special purpose steel

  • High radial rigidity
  • Low deflection
  • High rate of infeeds possible



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Shrink Chucks