Quick Change Adaptors WE – WES…B

Quick change adaptors for tapping and thread forming


Application: clamping of taps and roll forming taps
Chuck type: all tapping chucks with quick change mechanism style ( WF… )


  • quick change system for taps and roll forming taps
  • quick change system for tap adaptors in the chuck
  • safety clutch (all types WES…)
  • length adjustment (all types WEN…)
  • positive drive of the tap at the square


  • quick change of taps in the machine - reduced down time of the machine
  • quicker tool change of the adaptors/taps - reduced down time
  • prevents tap breakage - less down time reduced remanufacturing costs
  • low friction - lower wear, less maintenance required
  • length adjustment outside of the machine possible - reduced down time of the machine
  • no slipping or twisting of the tap in the adaptor - prevention of tool breakage
  • manufacturing of deep lying threads or contour obstructions without special tools - cost reduction

Description / Qualities

By using the combination of Bilz tapping adaptors and Bilz quick change tapping chucks, tool changing times can be minimized. On transfer lines and special application machines where down time costs are high, these efficiencies represent significant savings. The adaptors are designed for optimum efficiency. Removal and replacement in the chuck is rapid and the location and locking of the tap in the adaptor is simple and effective. In all cases the drive of the tap is realised by the square. The tap shank is held in position by a quick locking mechanism.

Adaptors with length adjustment are available for setting off the machine, extended length adaptors are available for areas of difficult access, adjustable safety clutch adaptor, facilitates the avoidance of tap breakage. In all cases, a different adaptor is required for each size of tap shank. Adaptors for other applications, such as those for accepting collets, and dies for external threads or for increased shank or reduction facility complete this product family.



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