Self Reversing Tapping Attachment GNCK

High performance tapping attachments with integrated reversing gear



Application: tapping, roll forming
Machine type: machining centres and special purpose machines


  • self reversing gear
  • direct collet location
  • damping elements between drive key in the spindle and the coupling sleeve
  • balls used in the couplings elements
  • hydrostatic pressure compensation for IC version
  • constant tapping speed (through built- in reversing gear)
  • exchangeable drivers BN17…
  • built-in length adjustment screw
  • sealed, stable version of the stop arm


  • reversing of machine spindle not required - shortest processing time possible, minimum time saving 200 – 400 ms per thread, substantially less electrical power consumption
  • high concentricity - better life time of the tool, reduced wear, less unbalanced mass
  • avoiding premature wear - less maintenance intensive
  • exact disengaging point -  exact thread depth, high repeat accuracy
  • no axial movement of the spindle into tension, even when the coolant flow is blocked - no risk of collision through extended tool
  • ideal cutting conditions - longer tool life time
  • positive torque transmission of the tap and of the driver in the spindle - no twisting or slipping of the tap in the collet
  • taps can be set to the required length - no input data error of tool length in machine offset (no risk of collision)
  • no malfunction due to contamination or through too much gap in the stop arm - reduced down time of the machine, prevention of collision / no damage from displaced stop arm



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