Tap extension GBV

Tap extension


Application: tapping
Machine type: on all types of machines


  • Shank tolerance h6
  • Coolant pressure max. 50 bar
  • Slim design
  • Shank with square
  • Clamping nut with hexagon


  • Better run out accuracy - Longer tool life
  • Shank can be clamped in shrinking chucks or hydraulic chucks
  • Better chip removal - Extended tool life of the tap
  • Rinsing of the base hole - No additional cleaning required
  • Closer distances to the interfering contour possible - No special taps required, cost saving, one off purchase
  • Extensions can be fixed such as taps in quick-change inserts - Reduced down time of the machine during tool change
  • Easy power transmission - No twisting of the tap
  • Safe clamping of the tap - Increased process safety

Description / Qualities

For tapping operations in work pieces with extremely deep internal threads or for tapping close to cast iron walls, interference edges or shoulders of fixtures there is the need of taps with an extended shank. To avoid special taps extensions are useful.


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