Quick Change Tapping Chuck WFLC

A new concept in tapping and cold forming of threads


Application: tapping, roll forming
Machine type: machining centres, transfer lines, special purpose, drilling and milling machines


  • out of centre ball configuration
  • hard start with higher axial force, not adjustable
  • hydrostatic pressure compensation max. 50 bar
  • better sealing
  • modular shank system MS, W
  • horizontally, vertically applicable
  • applicable for left and right handed threads


  • optimal force distribution - less maintenance required
  • to avoid the chuck getting into compression during the start of the tap - reduction of error rate
  • no axial movement of the spindle into tension, even when the coolant flow is blocked - no risk of collision or tap breakage
  • no malfunction due to contamination - longer maintenance sequences
  • higher flexibility - reduced number of tools required

Description/ Qualities

The Bilz range of WFLC and WFLC K tapping systems with extension and compression are designed for use on both  manual and numerically controlled machines. The new concept is characterised by the asymmetric arrangement of the balls which results in the optimum distribution of force, thus making the length compensation superior to previous systems, which, when combined with a stiff initial cutting pressure, ensures accuracy and effective operation under the most difficult of machining conditions.

The length compensation is unaffected by the hydrostatic neutral coolant feed, and the WFLC K chuck is designed to operate with internal coolant up to 50 bar pressure. The changing of tap adaptors is simple and effective and does not affect the systems of the chuck.
Because of its modular shank system and by utilising the Bilz WA toolholder, it is possible to use the Bilz WFLC on numerous machine configurations. Both the WFLC and WFLC K tapping systems are maintenance free and therefore maintain a high level of long term efficiency.


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